Website Design and Development: Favoring the Ambitious and Career-Oriented

webdesignsem“Come here, son”, Dad’s words had a certain mixed feelings. No one could possibly identify what thing had captured his mind. The anticipation of what “the talk” will be about made me sweat profusely. Who knew this conversation would eventually lead me to building an empire? With a certain confidence in his eyes and voice, he gave me the most awaited nod. The unfathomable feeling followed when I introduced him to ‘real estate search portal’. The next 45 minutes were spent on discussing the kind of role website design and development played in this.

He put his broad-rimmed glasses down along with his daily broadsheet. Let me take you some time back to explain the scenario. Face it, a degree like MBA changes the definition of ‘burning the midnight oil’. The engrossment led me to having a nil social life. My folks were pretty sure of my becoming one of those corporate head honchos.

I decided for a career switch during one of those campus interviews. The idea of a ‘9 to 5’ job seemed mentally claustrophobic. That one incident was enough to give me the signal. Yes, my sudden exit did create quite a ruckus and had many tongues wagging. However, I thought of it as an opportunity to make room for something new and unconventional.

The word portal immediately brings about internet-related images pretty well, right? Now that I had my backbone lending me tremendous support, I felt complete. The all nighters session were in full swing and so was the determination. Describing the minute details of my expedition would be tad boring and time-consuming. Here is something to help you paint the clear picture in minutes.


  • Platforms, portals, extranets, intranets, bespoke software solutions, information hub- you will cross your paths with these terms eventually.
  • Once the site is up, search engine optimization has to be mandatorily inculcated in the picture. Who else will possibly take care of the ranking and recommendation by search engines aspect?
  • In the initial stage, they enhanced the e commerce software. This very well explained the kind of accessibility associated with the real estate listings.
  • The incorporation of content management system gave property description a good platform. Modification, publication, and editing content became a mere cakewalk.
  • Ever wondered who brings in history tracking, collaborative live editing and search capabilities? Yes, SharePoint integration does deserve credit for pioneering the above. I already paid my tribute. Time for you to experience this service and do the same!
  • Wondering how the organizational knowledge can enter the multi-tasking arena? Capturing, developing, and sharing at the same time requires inexplicable amount of mettle.

While my site was under construction, they crafted the social media marketing plan. My batch-mates and friends were more than happy to like and share the page! Not to forget, they congratulated me for this new start. They were kind enough to be updated about my services even on Twitter. I am glad to have had the buzz in the very first month. Entrepreneurship indeed channelized my energy and abilities into something which was market-changing.



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