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Sqirrel_Post_ScraperI always wanted to make it big on the Facebook scene. I was not able to make it. The task was too tedious for me. I was tired of all the rigmarole of updating and posting on my timeline. There is significant amount of managing on a social networking platform such as Facebook. It was at this time that my friend introduced me to this Facebook auto publisher. At first, I thought of this software to be just one of that me. This makes a proper splurge on the internet scene for a few days or months and disappears in thin air. However, it was not to be so with this software. It has been on the online scene for a good time now assisting several clients in managing their social networking quests on Facebook.

This Squirrel Post Scraper saved my Facebook algorithm from being, decreased automatically when noticed that my page failed to publish posts for a fair period.  It was not at all good for a page owner such as me who had a Facebook Page business officially running. This decrease would hurt my business and eventually could have lost customers. I could consistently keep publishing new posts and could resolve all problems that I could encounter. In fact, within a month of installing this software, I could experience my fan engagement being its organic reach had increased with new, high quality and content that is relevant and powerful.

This Facebook auto poster fully runs on autopilot. All that I had to do was to adjust my settings, in addition, keep it for this software to do the rest. I could use all time that I applied on updating and maintaining posts. I wanted to publish on my pages some new content and this was easy for me. I could scrape both text and image posts, scrape solely text posts, scrape only image posts and append text to scraped posts and limit control. Not only did all the process save my time on undertaking the publishing of new content but also saved my efforts to keep my pages updated with fresh content. I could save both time and daily productivity instead of following a rigorous and a rather tedious daily routine of updating. This Squirrel is just incredible and understands the efficiency in handling my Facebook tasks to perfection.

All that would be, needed from my end was to adjust the settings, and the rest would be taken care by this software. This software is indeed unique in taking care of everything right from scraping to publishing and rectifies all the errors that would occur. I would never have to stand the wrath of any unpublished material being, posted on my page. It is through advanced filters inherent in this software that I could discard surplus contents without any complexities. I absolutely loved the manner in which this software functions and today I feel like a king ruling the social networking circuit especially on Facebook.

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