The Right Posicionamiento de Marca for a Good Impression

marketingenredessocialesNot many supported my decision of starting a law firm in a city like Madrid. They were of the opinion that I should take the usual route to be on a safer side. However, I paid a deaf ear to their suggestions and fulfilled my dream. I was fortunate enough to have my parents by my side during all this. It took me months to gather capital, contacts, property and manpower to start a nascent firm. Even after all this, I felt something was amiss. It then occurred to me that I required someone who would do the manejo de redes sociales quite well. The need to be recognized by social networking sites is omnipresent and immense. Even I wanted to hire a digital agency that was acclaimed for its services.

I wanted the organization to be present on Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Pinterest etc. I still bless my stars for helping me find an agency which was a one stop shop in terms of posicionamiento de marca. The official site was all about the campaigns that they conducted on social media platforms. I also came across a section that described the strategies that they had used for promoting various products and services. It was evident that they were experts at social media optimization.

The site bragged about maintaining the reputation by generating effective and lucid content for the clients. My next stop was campaƱas en facebook which talked about how they create a page to illustrate that my firm deals with personal injury, criminal defense, assault and battery and workers compensation cases etc. The segment gave a heads up on how they will tactfully garner sufficient amount of likes for the page. I could figure out that social media was a good blend of strategy and hard work.

The content was so interesting that I did not feel like leaving the page. It enhanced my knowledge and made me aware that Facebook was also about installing panels and paid advertisements. My mind then decided to have a good read of the kind of dynamism that they infuse while creating a business like profile on LinkedIn. The way they had inscribed about the banner design, publication, metrics and statistics did leave me amazed. My spontaneity led me to hire their services immediately.

I explained them that my firm had just entered the market and was ready for social media exposure. The online conversation with one of the social media executives was truly enlightening. The person told me that they would be doing tremendous amount of law research for those Facebook posts and Twitter statuses. He added that I had to provide them all the possible information so that they could create an effective and interesting profile on LinkedIn. It then dawned upon me that we had to build an online circle as well. I discussed this with him to which he said that Google+ would be the best option. The discussion continued until we crafted an implementable and potentially successful plan of action.



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