The Importance of Adding Your Website URL to Free Web Directories Submissions List

The internet is something that grasped my curiosity ever since I was a teen. Chasing my passion has eventually led me to become an SEO analyst. I have been entertaining clients from all parts of the globe to boost their website rankings and maintain a search engine friendly website. The number one advice I offer to all my clients is to submit their respective websites to free web directories submissions list available over the internet. The benefits you are receiving at present through your online portal shall simply multiply two or three times when you submit your website to web directories.

Not too long back, I had a friend of mine who had requested me to suggest some tricks and tactics that shall eventually help him get more clients. He mentioned that he did take the help and measures provided by a local SEO company however, it did not reap much benefit so he had to switch. I took a look over his website and understood the very first problem that prevented his website from shooting up on search engines. My friend was primarily involved in marketing cranes to dealers and retailers from UK. I examined that most of the keywords used in his business web portal were universal and did not have specific notations that could fetch him clients from UK.

I realized the issues and quickly without wasting much time, I started jotting down web directory portals that are popular among the UK audience. I suggested to my friend to get hold of freelance writers and develop quality press release and articles depicting the importance of obtaining sophisticated cranes from foreign countries at cheap prices. He took my advice and developed his PR along with his company profile over different web directory portals. He submitted articles over different Free Article Directories List and started circulating them in over different social media platforms that attracts large UK citizens. Two days passed by, he still had no results. The third day marked his first UK client who offered a good deal for the cranes he marketed. He eventually expanded his business by making use of free classified ads and other online tactics to grab the attention of more and more clients from all parts of the globe. The procedure eventually turned out to be simple, quick, inexpensive and lucrative all at the same time.

The following are certain core advantages that my friend still receives after making utmost importance of web directories:

  • His business portal started witnessing a lead in the traffic rate. Comparing the statistics of his previous portal’s performance assisted him to experience ascend by sixty percent.
  • His business was now free from any unnecessary expenditure that kept holding his returns on investments.
  • Using web directories has enabled his web portal to grab the attention of some of the most proficient contracting companies operating in the UK market.
  • Submitting valuable pieces of articles over free article directory list that conveyed insights on the benefits of obtaining cranes from nations whose currency levels are practically lower helped to get in some lucrative deals.


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