PHP, Perl and Ruby: A Cheap Web Hosting Story

hostdoneThere is so much debate going on about the relevance and safety of PHP, Perl and Ruby. With the onset of Mozilla’s Rust emphasizing on safety, a lot of review has been placed on the aforementioned programming language. Is there really a website hosting service that caters to both hosting and web design using any of these programming language? How safe will they be? According to the inventors of these programming language, the security within and how they are programmed are often on 1:1 ratio. So, when thinking of creating a new website via a hosting service, these important aspects must be taken into mind.

Know What You Want

The key to an attractive website lies precisely on your hand. You need to be in touch with the whole process. A web hosting company often gives you an option to choose form a wide variety of programming language not just limiting you the widely used PHP. Many web developers these days make use of Ruby, Perl or Python to add a degree of dynamism to their website. This can sound foreign to the uninitiated as such a web designer must be able to discuss this in the simplest manner possible to you. Ruby is fast becoming a sensation among programmers nowadays as it can create more dynamic pages which is just right for your business.

Cheap Web Hosting – Web Builder Combo

An emerging market today is to acquire services of a cheap wordpress hosting company that also designs and builds website. This may sound impossible but if you take a closer look at some of the website hosting services such as HostDone, you will be amazed at the level of services that they offer at such affordable packages. HostDone, for instance, offers multi-language platform, site studio for website building, easy applications, and so on to cater to the specific needs of their subscribers. Packages are categorized according to the needs of business. From personal to developer package, each subscription plan caters to specific needs giving businesses more leeway to manage their operating cost. This type of web hosting service surprisingly comes cheaper than expected.

Free Set Up

To the uninformed, Ruby, Perl, PHP, Python or what-have-you does not really matter. All it needs is to know what features are included in his or her web hosting plan. Will it come with a free email, SEO programs, tutorials, database, and so on. Will websites be set up for free or does it entail an added cost? It is best to note that creating a website via professional web developers can amount to thousands of dollars. Add the fact that you need to buy your own domain name.

In a heavily competitive online industry, creating your own website can entail a lot of cost. However, there are cheap web hosting services which allows you to save as much penny as you can by offering web design services at an affordable rate. With a complete design and hosting package, you can guarantee that the meat of your website will be catered accordingly.





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