How to Start an Internet Radio Station

CITRUS3A lot has been happening with online radio stations: they are gobbling up advertising revenues that are traditionally reserved to traditional radio broadcasting. It is therefore a good idea to learn how you can start an internet radio station.

Here is a guide on how you can do this.

  1. Set up your computer so that it can be a streaming server

You need to learn certain technical knowledge about online radio stations and have your own server, like Shoutcast server, with streaming capabilities. Additionally, you need to know the proper way of using a microphone, editing software and recording equipment.

  1. Use a third party streaming host for your radio channels

Since you are just starting in this endeavor, begin by using free trial versions of third party streaming hosts such as Shoutcast hosting. As your channel grows in popularity, or if you want to use additional tools, you can go for an upgrade.

Here are some third party streaming hosts that you can consider:

  • Radio Streaming Services – this host allows you to stream your content from your computer direct to the internet all hours of the day. Their system uses a Cirrus Player containing the latest features in mobile streaming.

With this host, you will have access to market metrics and statistics that you will need to establish your business. They will help you maximize advertising on your internet radio campaigns.

  • BlogTalkRadio – this host has a very simple setup giving you the capability of running your internet radio within an hour. You can choose to start with their free package, and when you have gained some experience, you can get their professional package.
  • ShoutCheap – if cost is not a problem, you can use this server. It offers a low package of only $4.95 per month and you will get 25 listeners. As you gain more listeners, your fee will also increase.

This host offers two types of platforms: one is for local audiences and another for international listeners.  It has an easy online interface that makes broadcasting very easy.

  • Live365 – this host maintains thousands of stations for almost any topic there is. It offers music as well as pure talk radio. If you want a host with a built-in listener base, you need to consider this host.

You can try their services with their free package and when you gain the knack of it you can upgrade to their personal or professional packages.

  • Stream Guys – this third party host has a number of advanced streaming capabilities and special software for streaming to mobile gadgets. It also offers video streaming. This host is relatively small; therefore they understand the cost concerns of small businesses, and offer package prices that are easy on the pocket. For more information about start an internet radio station here.


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